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IPSGA 15th International Conference

Neil Olszewski neil at BIOSCI.CBS.UMN.EDU
Mon Mar 20 19:13:32 EST 1995

Because some have only recently received the circular containing 
registration and abstract preparation materials, the deadline for
submission of abstracts for the 15th International Conference
on Plant Growth Substances has been extended to April 15, 1995.   
Other deadlines remain unchanged.

For those unfamiliar with this meeting, a description of this 
meeting and the program follows.  Registration and abstract 
preparation information can be obtained from:

Daisy Travel Service
127 East County Road C
St. Paul, MN 55117 (USA)

Phone: (612) 481-1660; 1-800-553-1660
FAX:   (612) 481-0960
E-mail: daisytrvl at aol.com

The International Plant Growth Substances Association (IPGSA) 
will hold its 15th International meetings in Minneapolis, 
Minnesota from July 14 through July 18, l995.  

All scientific sessions will be held at the headquarters hotel, 
the Hyatt Regency, in Minneapolis.

This meeting will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting 
of the Plant Growth Regulator Society of America, and joint 
sessions are being planned that emphasize applied aspects of 
plant growth regulation.  The PGRSA meeting will run from the 
morning of Tuesday, July 18, through lunch on Thursday, July 20.

The deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended to 
April 15, 1995, and the deadline for early registration (at a 
reduced fee) will be May 15, 1995.


Saturday, July 15

Morning:      Plenary Session

              P1   Signal Transduction I
                   Chair: Terri Lomax (USA)
                   Speakers: Ira Herskowitz (USA), Joseph R.
                   Ecker (USA), Russell L. Jones (USA), 
                   GUENTHER NEUHAUS (Switzerland)

Afternoon:    Symposia

              S1   Signal Transduction II
                   Chair: Anthony B. Bleecker (USA)
                   Speakers: Anthony B. Bleecker, JEROME
                   Giraudat (France), Neil Olszewski (USA),
                   Malcolm Bennett (UK)
              S6   Hormone Biosynthesis I
                   Chair: Jake MacMillan (UK)
                   Speakers: Clive Spray (USA), Yuji Kamiya
                   (Japan), Rod Winkler (USA), Peter Hedden
                   (UK), Hui-Hwa Chiang (USA)
              S12  Regulation of Flowering
                   Chair: Maarten Koornneef (Netherlands)
                   Speakers: Jose Martinez-Zapater (Spain),
                   Elizabeth Dennis (Australia), Diana Jofuka
                   (USA), Richard Amasino (USA)
              S13  Hormones and Cell Wall Metabolism
                   Chair: Dan Cosgrove (USA)
                   Speakers: Maureen McCann (UK), Stephen Fry
                   (UK), Donald J. Nevins (USA), Jeffrey
                   Woessner (USA)


              W1   Auxin-binding Proteins
                   Organizer: Alan M. Jones (USA)

Sunday, July 16

Morning:      Symposia

              S3   Signaling Molecules I: Elicitors, Jasmonate,
                   Systemin, etc.
                   Chair: Thomas Boller (Switzerland)
                   Speakers: Thomas Boller, Benno Parthier
                   (FRG), Herman Spaink (Netherlands) 
                   Andreas Schaller (USA)
              S5   Hormonal Regulation of Membrane Functions
                   Chair: Karen Schumaker (USA)
                   Speakers: Helene Barbier-Brygoo (France),
                   Rainer Hedrich (FRG), Marianne Somarin
                   (Sweden), Michael R. Blatt (UK), Julian
                   Schroeder (USA)
              S8   Hormone Metabolism
                   Chair: Gernot Schneider (FRG)
                   Speakers: Robert S. Bandurski (USA), David W.
                   S. Mok (USA), TAKAO Yokota (Japan), Gernot
                   Schneider (FGR)
              S11  Hormones and Stress
                   Chair: Elizabeth A. Bray (USA)
                   Speakers: Robert E. Sharp (USA), Elizabeth 
                   Bray (USA), Dorothea Bartels (FRG), Salome 
                   Prat (Spain)


              W2   The Acid-Growth Hypothesis - How to Reach 
                   a Consensus
                   Organizer: Rainer Hertel (FRG)

Afternoon:    Plenary Session

              P2   Integration of Growth Processes: Regulation
                   of Cell Division and Cell Elongation
                   Chair: Bernard O. Phinney (USA)
                   Speakers: Thomas W. Jacobs (USA), Daniel
                   Cosgrove (USA), Hans Kende (USA)

Monday, July 17

Morning:      Plenary Session

              P3   Hormonally Regulated Gene Expression I
                   Chair: Gretchen Hagen (USA)
                   Speakers: KEITH R. YAMAMOTO (USA), Steffen
                   Abel (USA), Thomas J. Guilfoyle (USA), 
                   John V. Jacobsen (Australia)

Afternoon:    Symposia

              S2   Hormonally Regulated Gene Expression II
                   Chair: John V. Jacobsen (Australia)
                   Speakers: Kazuo Shinozaki (Japan), William 
                   R. Woodson (USA), Jan Kooter 
                   (Netherlands), John
                   C. Rogers (USA), Frank Gubler (Australia)
              S7   Hormone Biosynthesis II
                   Chair: Jerry D. Cohen (USA)
                   Sharman D. O'Neill (USA), Jennifer Normanly
                   (USA), Janet P. Slovin (USA), Youji Sakagami
                   (Japan), Mark L. Brenner (USA)
              S14  Tropisms
                   Chair: Winslow R. Briggs (USA)
                   Speakers: Randy Wayne (USA), Peter Nick
                   (FRG), Terri Lomax (USA), Emmanuel Liscum
              S16  Interaction of Hormones with Other Signaling
                   Chair: Russell L. Jones (USA)
                   Speakers: Simon Gilroy (USA), Daniel F.
                   Klessig (USA), Mary K. Walker-Simmons (USA),
                   Karen S. Schumaker (USA), Youngsook Lee

Evening      Silver Medal Lecture: Jan A.D. Zeevaart (USA)

Tuesday, July 18

Morning:      Plenary Session

              P4   Generating Fundamental Knowledge and
                   Applications Using Transgenic Plants (joint
                   session with the Plant Growth Regulator
                   Society of America)
                   Chair: Harry Klee (USA)
                   Speakers: Rick Walden (FRG), Harry Klee, Don
                   Grierson (UK), Goran Sandberg (Sweden)

Afternoon:    Symposia

              S4   Signaling Molecules II: Phenolic Derivatives
                   Chair: David Lynn (USA)
                   Speakers: Ann M. Hirsch (USA), Andrew Binns
                   (USA), Loverine P. Taylor (USA), Jean-Pierre 
                   Metraux (Switzerland), David Lynn (USA)
              S9   Hormone Perception/Sensitivity
                   Chair: Goran Sandberg (Sweden)
                   Speakers: Olof Olson (Sweden), Paolo
                   Constantino (Italy), THOMAS SCHMULLING (FRG)
              S10  Hormones and the Cytoskeleton
                   Chair: Hiroh Shibaoka (Japan)
                   Speakers: ANNE L. HITT (USA), Clive W. Lloyd
                   (UK), Peter Schopfer (FRG), HIROH SHIBAOKA
              S15  Regulation of Growth and Development by Light
                   Chair: Joanne Chory (USA)
                   Speakers: Roger Hangarter (USA), Lon S.
                   Kaufman (USA), Richard E. Kendrick
                   (Netherlands), Joanne Chory (USA)
              S17  Joint symposium with the Plant Growth
                   Regulator Society of America

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