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Dave Stewart - Director Meetings stewart at CSHL.ORG
Tue Mar 28 09:42:07 EST 1995


A meeting on SIGNALLING IN PLANT DEVELOPMENT at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory		


Organized by:

Nam-Hai Chua, Rockefeller University
June Nasrallah, Cornell University 
Venkatesan Sundaresan, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

A meeting on Signalling in Plant Development will be held at Cold Spring Harbor 
Laboratory from Wednesday evening, September 27th, to Sunday afternoon October 
1st, 1995.  The meeting will cover recent research and discoveries on molecular 
mechanisms controlling development in higher plants, with emphasis on those 
aspects that are regulated by signalling processes.  This theme will be explored 
in detail in sessions devoted to specific steps in plant development, from 
germination to embryogenesis.  Each session will cover the current understanding 
of mechanisms that control a particular developmental process, and interactions 
involving external and internal signals.  Additional sessions will explore the 
mechanisms regulating altered developmental programs, in response to external 
signals such as environmental stress or pathogens.  Sessions will be held on the 
following topics:

Germination  (Chairperson: Don McCarty, University of Florida)
Photomorphogenesis  (Chairperson: X.-W. Deng, Yale University)
Vegetative growth I: Shoots, roots and leaves  (Chairperson: Kathy Barton, 
University of Wisconsin)
Vegetative growth II:  Communications  (Chairperson: Julian Schroeder, University 
of California, San Deigo)
Flowering  (Chairperson: Caroline Dean, John Innes Centre)
Pollination and fertilization (Chairperson: Daphne Preuss, University of Chicago)
Fruit development and embryogenesis  (Chairperson: Bob Fischer, University of 
California, Berkeley)
Altered developmental programs I: Environmental effectors 
(Chairperson: Roger Hangarter, Ohio State University)
Altered developmental programs II: Biological effectors - Microbial signals  
(Chairperson: Jeff Dangl, University of North Carolina)
Altered developmental programs III: Biological effectors - Host responses  
(Chairperson: Barbara Baker, University of California, Berkeley)

We invite you and your colleagues to apply and submit abstracts on new and 
unpublished material.  There will be poster sessions in addition to the oral 
presentations.  In keeping with the tradition of open participation for meetings 
held at Cold Spring Harbor, the selection of material for oral or poster 
presentations will be made by the organizers in consultation with the session 
chairs on the basis of the abstracts. Normally, no group will be asked to give 
more than one talk in a particular session.  Abstracts intended for poster 
presentation only should be marked accordingly.

We are especially eager to have as many young people as possible attend.  Since 
some laboratories have limited funds for travel, we have applied for funds from 
government and private agencies that we hope will allow us to provide partial 
support for the attendance of some graduate students and postdocs.  Please send 
requests for such support to the meetings organizers.

Further information,  abstract instructions and application materials are 
available from the Meetings Coordinator at the address below.  It is very 
important for you to submit abstracts and/or registration prior to the abstract 
deadline, July 12th, 1995.

We hope that you and your colleagues will be able to participate in what should 
be a most interesting meeting.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
The Meetings Office
1 Bungtown Road, PO Box 100
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724-2213

phone: (516) 367-8346
fax: (516) 367-8845 
e-mail: meetings at cshl.org 
World Wide Web site at http://www.cshl.org/




November 8 - 21, 1995

Benjamin Burr, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Rebecca Doerge, Cornell University
Scott Tingey, Du Pont Experimental Station

The course is designed to explore both theoretical and practical concepts on the 
use of molecular markers in plant genetics and plant breeding.  Participants will 
learn a variety of techniques that can be used to approach problems such as single 
gene introgression, analysis of genetic diversity, gene mapping, and quantitative 
trait analysis.  These techniques will include DNA preparation, non-isotopic Southern 
analysis, and DNA amplification-based assays such as microsatellites, RAPDs, and 
allele specific PCR.  The course will include training in computational analysis of 
both qualitative and quantitative segregation data, and will teach methods from a 
variety of plant and animal systems with an emphasis on potential future strategies.  
Students will be expected to have knowledge of, but not necessarily practical experience 
with, the basic principles of molecular biology and genetics.  Last years's speakers 
were: W. Beavis, M. Clegg, D. Duvick, M. Gayle, M. Mazure, R. Michelmore, A. Rafalski, 
J. Romero-Severson, Ron Sederoff, S. Tanksley, and J. Wendel.

Deadline: July 15, 1995



David J. Stewart, Ph.D.
Director of Meetings
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1 Bungtown Road, P.O. Box 100,
Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724-2213

Tel 516 367 8801
Fax 516 367 8845
stewart at cshl.org

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David J. Stewart, Ph.D.
Director of Meetings
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1 Bungtown Road, P.O. Box 100,
Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724-2213

Tel 516 367 8801
Fax 516 367 8845
stewart at cshl.org


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