stomatal project for sale

kearns at MIT.EDU kearns at MIT.EDU
Mon May 22 11:45:26 EST 1995


I have a project on Arabidopsis mutants in stomatal response to low CO2. I am
working on EMS-, gamma-, and T-DNA-induced mutants and putative mutants. The
project received higest priority for funding from NASA/NSF, but has not been
funded due to budget constraints. My postdoctoral advisor is allowing me to 
take the entire project to another lab. I plan to apply for the next round of 
NIH Postdoctoral Fellowships, but I will need a salary and health insurance
until I can find another grant or faculty position. If I can not do this 
within one year, I will go to medical school. 

I am currently funded by a 2 year USDA-NRICGP Postdoctoral Fellowship, which 
ends 7/31/95 with a no-salary extension to 9/30/95.

Most recently, I gave a short talk at the FEBS Advanced Course on Single Cell
Techniques in Signal Transduction Research.

Refs and CV will be sent to any interested lab. I think my best shot for the
NIH proposal would be a lab doing research on stomata with some molecular 
biology in the lab. 

Thank you, 

Ellen Kearns
Cambridge, MA 02139
phone 617-253-4723
fax 617-253-8699

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