funding woes

kearns at MIT.EDU kearns at MIT.EDU
Tue May 23 19:30:40 EST 1995

I think both Anne and Abed have made good points in response to my message
about funding woes.

I got a lot of very nice replies last night, some from worried grad students,
some from other postdocs, and some from people offering to "buy" me and my 
project. So, all is not lost, and what is obvious to me is that networking
is important, not only on the email level but in our institutes and 
universities. I want to thank the professors of MIT who have been really 
supportive and helpful, not only now, but for the entire time I have been 
eating lunch with them here in building 68.  

I suggest we think about a system similar to the habilitation system in 
Germany where advanced postdocs have mini labs within labs, as I understand it.

I suggest that we think about banding together much as the AMA to get some
clout in Washington.

Finally, I suggest that we think about rounding up private money for plant
biology related foundations, such as integrated agricultural research centers.

If I can stick it out, I will try to implement these ideas.

Ellen Kearns

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