Get a Ph.D. and become under/unemployed!!

David W Wheat Agblade at
Wed May 24 07:34:47 EST 1995

I sympathize, but this situation is not new.  There is not much 
overall expansion going on in government funded research, private
R&D, or higher education.  This has been true for years.  Since
each professor turns out about one Ph.D. per year, yet does
not vacate her or his position to allow a replacement Ph.D.
to be hired but once every thirty years or so, obviously supply
will vastly outpace demand.

Look around.  There are other sorts of jobs besides those
Ph.D.s have traditionally held.  You will have to leave research 

The solution grasped at by Ellen Kearns, go back to school, is the
coward's way out.  It just puts off the inevitable, and incurs
more debt, which will reduce the possibility that all that education
will ever pay off.

Good luck,
David Wheat

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