Green Fluorescent Protein splice site

Mark Guiltinan mark_guiltinan at AGCS.CAS.PSU.EDU
Thu May 25 12:20:57 EST 1995

      The current GFP constructs available to us have the now famous "cryptic
splice site"  which interferes with expression in Arabidopsis according to the
"word on the street".  In our own experiments, it dosn't seem to work well in
tobacco plants either.  

     Are there any constructs available with mutated splice sites for plant
expression studies?  Does anyone have the sequence of the splice site and/or
know of the mutation needed to eliminate it?  While I prefer not to repeat the
work to do the mutation, I would be willing to do it and then distribute the
clone to others if necessary. 

      Clonetech will release a vector with the original sequence in July in a
plant expression vector and sometime in the future, a plant optimized version
without the splice site.  However, I for one do not wish to wait until they
have it ready.

Thank you, 

Mark Guiltinan
Penn State University
Department of Horticulture
Biotechnology Institute
mjg at

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