world-class post-docs

Thu May 25 12:20:57 EST 1995

Just a few ways in which the tightening budget has affected post-doc

Grants: post-docs spend an increasing percentage of their time writing
grants as the funding percentage decreases

Support services: I don't know of any lab that has as much technical
support as it did 10 years ago - which means post-docs spend more time
pouring gels and doing mini-preps than they used to (not to mention washing
glassware and racking yellow tips!)

Supply funds: As supply funds per person per year decrease, expensive but
labor saving methods become prohibitively expensive, meaning post-docs
spend more time using cheap but time-consuming methodologies. 

Of course, their are still a few rich labs which haven't experienced these
woes, but most post-docs (and graduate students) are not "producing" as
much as they could if money were not so tight.

Mary Williams 

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