Get a Ph.D. and become under/unemployed!!

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> I am writing this letter to find out how people in this group feel about
this > ever-worsening job market.I keep hearing about an improving job
market but see > little evidence of such an improvement (Postdoc positions

One obvious contributor to a worsening job market over the past couple of
decades, in spite of the fact that more jobs are being created, is 
the great increase in the number of families in which both spouses work. US 
(and other) cultures have nurtured the notion that you are not valuable 
unless you have a paying job. "Stay at home spouses" are not considered
contributors to society anymore.
Since people tend to marry someone of similar income/class, many
good-paying jobs are filled by those who's spouse also has lucrative
employment. The result, fewer jobs that could support a family alone 
are available, forcing others to take lower paying work and in many cases 
necessitating a two income family or even multiple jobs for one person. It 
is not surprising that a recent report found the gap between rich and poor 
is growing. Unless the population grows (anathema to our society) I don't 
understand how the job market can continue to expand.

Before you flame these comments please note:
1. I did not judge the above situation right or wrong.
2. I did not say who should or shouldn't work. 

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