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Thu May 25 14:57:17 EST 1995

Dear Network,

This particular thread, "Should there be fewer PhDs awarded?/Relative to the
number of faculty positions" hits home for me.  I am a postdoc starting on
my last year of postdoc money, I am working on what I and others consider an
interesting and, under normal budget constraints, a fundable project.  I
have seen several faculty searches as a grad student and a postdoc and I
think I have a good sense of what to expect.  The one thing that I thought
should be brought up in the discussion about training too many PhDs for the
number of faculty positions is the following.  In the average lab, a PI gets
a grant(s), the PI then needs to find hands to do the research that is
required to get publications to get grants, etc.  For those faculty who do
not rely mostly on postdocs, I ask this rhetorical question, how many of you
decide to propose research based on how many grad students will be required
and how many resultant PhDs will be awarded and how those numbers fit in
with the total awarded for the research community at large?  My guess is
that very few PIs do not write grants because they think there is a glut of

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