Green Fluorescent Protein splice site

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>       The current GFP constructs available to us have the now famous "cryptic
> splice site"  which interferes with expression in Arabidopsis according to the
> "word on the street".  In our own experiments, it dosn't seem to work well in
> tobacco plants either.  
>      Are there any constructs available with mutated splice sites for plant
> expression studies?  Does anyone have the sequence of the splice site and/or
> know of the mutation needed to eliminate it

Jim Haseloff at MRC has a construct which he very kindly gives away. His
email is jph at MRC-LMB.Cam.AC.UK and the name of the construct is
pBIN35S-mGFP4. However, Davis Smith from Nina Fedoroff's lab just told me
that in their lab even the wt GFP works OK in Arab. 
Good luck.
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