Year Four progress report

mdilwort at NSF.GOV mdilwort at NSF.GOV
Wed May 24 22:26:04 EST 1995

          The multinational science steering committee
          for the multinational coordinated Arabidopsis thaliana
          genome research project announces that the Year Four
          progress report has been published by the National Science
          Foundation.  The publication number is NSF95-43.
          Participants of the upcoming Arabidopsis Research Conference
          at Madison, Wisconsin, will receive a copy when they
          register.  An electronic version is available at
 NSF Home Page.

          The EC headquarters have 200 copies for distribution.

          If you cannot wait till the Madison meeting, or you are not
          planning to be there and would like a copy, a printed copy
          can be ordered free of charge from the NSF publications
          window by sending a request to pubs at  Please
          indicate that you would like x copies of the publication
          NSF95-43 and give your name and exact mailing address (not
          e-mail address).

          Happy reading!           Machi Dilworth, NSF

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