Taek H You tyou at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Wed May 24 18:01:36 EST 1995

I must disagree with Anne.
Many prefer more exprienced postdocs.  Even for postdoc positions they probably
prefer more experienced postdocs.  The fact is that many applicants are several 
year experienced postdocs. As a graduating student, I feel that there is 
nowhere to go to get experience because I have no postdoc experience.
With the same(more or less) payment, why the employer risk hiring a novice, 
right?  If anyone say "yes" to this, I must feel sympathy.  Probably, they must
have underestimated the graduate education. In short, supply exceeds demand.  
Hey, a postdoc's better than graduate student with several hundred bucks of 
stipend, still raising a child.  I am fortunate to have only one child now.
This is just my opinion and feeling, feel free to encourage or discourage.

Taek H. You
tyou at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

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