vitaly/response to Mary/world class postdocs

Abdul K Janoudi janoudi at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Thu May 25 16:57:15 EST 1995

Vitaly Citovsky continues to propagate the perception that 'jobs are there'
even for those who are 'pretty bad'. Have you ever bothered to compare the
number of open positions in Plant Physiol., Science, etc.. to the number of
postdocs who are out there looking for jobs? I don't thinK so. I am sure that
you are aware that 150 to 300 people apply for each advertised position. Only
one will get the job. The math is obviuos. If you still do not believe that
there is an over-supply of Ph.D.'s then check out the Chronicle of Higher
Education. Ph.D. degree holders are having to work multiple jobs teaching at
small colleges that may be hundreds of miles apart. Gypsy professors; that's
the term being used to describe these people and their numbers are steadily

Medicine is a profession and science is an art. Most of the techniques that you
are using today were developed by, not plant scientists but, medical
researchers. If however, you aere referring to physicians, then it is more
surprising that you put yourself a notch above doctors who ' help people and
are content'. Helping people?! What a shameful and pedestrian concept!!!

At least we can agree on one thing. Funding is tight, but the worst is yet to
come and you probably know this. Would today's fundable excellent reasearch be
tomorrow's inadequate research simply based on the lack of funding?

I would be interested in your response to the last question. Really.

Abed Janoudi

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