Informatics workshop at Arabidopsis meeting

Randall L Scholl rscholl at
Fri May 26 11:07:35 EST 1995


Arabidopsis genome information is now distributed electronically
through databases, Gopher servers and World Wide Web servers.
An overview of these resources will be presented at a workshop
at the upcoming Arabidopsis Symposium and Madison, Wisconsin,
Saturday June 10, 4-6 p.m.  Live demonstrations will be conducted
for each resource.

Demonstrations include:

 The Arabidopsis Sequence Analysis Project, Ernest Retzel
 Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre Web Server, Mary Anderson
 Weeds World, the International Electronic Arabidopsis
              Newsletter, Mary Anderson
 AIMS Web server and AIMS, Randy Scholl
 AAtDB, Mary Anderson
 AAtDB Web server & AAtDB Research Companion Gopher, Mary Anderson

Everyone is invited to attend.

Randy Scholl
Mary Anderson

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