jkreps at biochem.umass.edu jkreps at biochem.umass.edu
Wed May 31 16:05:20 EST 1995

>Could anyone please tell me where I can order Cellulase "Onozuka R-10" and
>Macerozyme "R-10" from?
>Thanks for your help
>Katherine Denby
Katherine Denby,

We get out cellulase and macerase from Calbiochem, they work well on
Arabidopsis and turnips. (Cellulase= "Cellulysin", 219466, 90.00 US$ per
100k Units, Macerase, 441201, 55.00US$ per 10 K units).  The usual
disclaimers about company ties.

Joel Kreps
Dept. of Biochem and Mol Bio
Univ. of Mass. Amherst, MA

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