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Keystone Meeting on The Extracellular Matrix

Michael "G." Hahn hahn at MOND1.CCRC.UGA.EDU
Tue Nov 14 15:26:40 EST 1995

The abstract deadline for the Keystone Meeting on The Extracellular Matri=
of Plants: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology HAS BEEN 
EXTENDED to November 20, 1995.  Abstracts should be submitted to the 
Keystone Symposia office (221 Summit Place Shopping Center, Unit 272, 
Silverthorne, CO  80498).  Application forms can be requested from the =

Keystone Symposia office (Phone:  970-262-1230; FAX: 970-262-1525).  
A summary of the program is given below.


		ANNOUNCEMENT  (Reminder)

Keystone Symposium:  The Extracellular Matrix of Plants: Molecular,
			Cellular and Developmental Biology

Tamarron, Colorado.  March 15-21, 1996

The goal of this meeting is to provide a comprehensive overview of the =

status of current research on the extracellular matrix of plants and to =

stimulate participants to think about plant cell walls in novel ways.  =
scheduled sessions include those on structural studies of the major 
macromolecules that make up the plant extracellular matrix 
(polysaccharides, proteins, lignin), biosynthesis of wall macromolecules,=
roles of the extracellular matrix in plant development and in interaction=
s with 
sybiotic and pathogenic organisms, and the importance of plant cell walls=
food and industry.  In addition, a workshop on chaperonins is currently =

being planned.  A brief overview of the program and speaker list follows.=
Additional speakers for short talks will be selected from the submitted =


Keynote Address:  John Lowe, "Design and properties of glycosyl-
Banquet Address:  Peter Albersheim, "Cell Wall Research - Past and 


Structure and Biochemistry of Cell Wall Polysaccharides and Glycoproteins
	Alan Darvill, Andrew Mort, Marcia Kieliszewski, Samuel Levy, 
		William York

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biosynthesis of Lignin
	Norman Lewis, Jeffrey Dean, Alain Boudet

Biosynthesis I: Secretory Pathway and Synthesis of Glycoproteins
	Andrew Staehelin, Sabine Waffenschmidt, Nicholas Carpita, 
		Sarah Whitney

Biosynthesis II: Matrix Polysaccharides, Callose, and Cellulose
	Deborah Delmer, Bruce Wasserman, John Ralph

Role of the Extracellular Matrix in Plant Growth and Development
	Keith Roberts, Adrienne Clark, Dan Cosgrove, Alice Cheung,
		Wolf-Dieter Reiter, Alan Bennett, Debra Mohnen, 
		Paul Bolwell, Ralph Quatrano, Colin Brownlee

Role of Cell Walls in Symbiosis and Pathogenesis
	Michael Hahn, Herman Spaink, Naoto Shibuya, Edward Farmer,
		Giulia de Lorenzo, Chris Lamb, Bernard Fritig

Cell Walls in Food, Feed and Industry
	J.S. Grant, Alphons Voragen, Dean DellaPenna, John Bedbrook

The Organizing Committee for the symposium (Andrew Staehelin, Michael 
Hahn, Norman Lewis, Andrew Mort, and Keith Roberts) invite your 
participation in this meeting.

    _/_/_/    _/_/_/   _/_/_/     _/_/_/  Michael G. Hahn
  _/        _/        _/   _/   _/        University of Georgia
 _/        _/        _/_/_/    _/         Complex Carbohydrate Res. Ctr. =
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