A postdoc in epigenetic regulation

Nina Fedoroff nvf1 at PSU.EDU
Wed Oct 11 16:27:14 EST 1995

A postdoctoral position is available for an individual with experience in
protein/nucleic chemistry and an interest in novel regulatory mechanisms to
study the unique epigenetic regulatory system of the Spm transposon (Cell,
v77 p427, 1994).  The Spm promoter is rapidly inactivated and methylated in
transgenic cells.  The element-encoded TnpA protein reactivates the
promoter and leads to demethylation of regulatory sequences.  We are
analysing both the sequence features necessary for de novo methylation and
the mechanism by which TnpA, a repressor of the non-methylated promoter,
reactivates the methylated promoter.

Please send CV and references to:
Dr. Nina Fedoroff (nvf1 at psu.edu) or Dr. Ramesh Raina (rxr21 at psu.edu),
Biotechnology Institute,
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa. 16802;
FAX 814-863-135

Dr. Nina V. Fedoroff
Director, Biotechnology Institute
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pa. 16802
Office: 814-863-4576
Lab: 814-863-5717
FAX: 814-863-1357


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