in situ hybridization in europe

Robert Roszak Robert.Roszak at
Mon Oct 23 07:48:07 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues,

        I need help to find a post-doctoral training period in an european
laboratory which uses in situ hybridization techniques. I am working on
fundamental induction mechanisms of somatic embryogenesis in plant
(chicory). I have determined cytological and cytoskeletal modifications
during precocious steps of the embryogenic induction which can be
synchronized (ROBATCHE-CLAIVE et al., 1992, C.R.Acad. Sci. Paris, 314:371;
BLERVACQ et al., 1995, Protoplasma,186:163; BLERVACQ et al., 1995, Plant
Physiol. Biochem., 33: in press; RAMBAUD et al., 1995, Annals Botany:
submitted). I want to investigate the precocious steps of the cellular
reactivation and to determine nuclear markers of the competence for somatic
embryogenesis. These markers will help me in screening competent cells in
tissue sections. I think that in situ hybridization could provide me a
sensitive method to study embryogenic genes expression in a synchronized
Who could kindly accept me into an european laboratory for 3 months of
training period to learn the techniques (probes, standard practices,
protocols on slides)? Experimental results of this training period could be
co-published. I have a biology contract at the University of Lille (France)
in Biology and Genetics, and I will be free after semestrial controls
(March 1996). I have a cytologist's training (paraffin and methacrylate
sectioning, immunology, light and fluorescence microscopy).

        Your's faithfully,
                                                Mrs. A.S. BLERVACQ

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