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Mon Dec 2 05:48:59 EST 1996

Try this, in future having a copy of the Arabidopsis database (you can
get this from Mary Anderson, see below) can help you to quickly locate
your gemplasm from ABRC .

The resource code you need is CS\/N-203 or CS6156
Contact ABRC for further information..

from AtDB

Germplasm_Resource : "CS\/N-203"
Ordering_info    "NASC" "N203"
Locus    "cnx" "V"
Phenotype_Source         "NASC"
Phenotype        "Nearly no Nirtogen reductase activity"
Background       "CS\/N-20"
Mutagen  "not known"
Growth_Req       "Nitrogen sources should include ammonia-containing
Paper    "braak_1982_aactx"

The Stock Centres have a distribution agreement. NASC distributes
seed to Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. ABRC
distributes seed to North America. Both Centres distribute
the seed free of charge. At the moment not all stocks
are carried by both Stock Centres. NASC does not distribute the
Redei collection or all of the T-DNA tagged lines from Ken Feldmann.
If you require these stocks please contact ABRC. ABRC does not
distribute the AIS Collection, or the Ds tagged lines or the
T-DNA tagged lines from Csaba Koncz.

How to order seed from ABRC-

Seed can be ordered by mail, email, telephone, fax and through
AIMS or through the WWW interface to
AIMS (URL=http:\/\/

For further information contact:

Randy Scholl
Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center,
Ohio State University,
Room 309 B&Z Bldg.,
1735 Neil Avenue,
OH 43210

Tel: 614-292-9371 main number--for seed ordering information
Tel: 614-292-1982 Randy Scholl--for general and seed-related questions
Fax: 614-292-0603
email: seeds at

How to order seed from NASC:

Stocks can be ordered by mail, email, fax, telephone, through the
NASC WWW server (URL= http:\/\/,through AIMS or
the WWW interface to AIMS (URL= http:\//

For further information please contact:

Dr Mary Anderson
Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre
Dept of Life Science
Nottingham University

Tel: +44 115 9791216
Fax: +44 115 9513251
email: arabidopsis at

Yours Mazda Hewitt

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