New stocks available from NASC

Mary Anderson plzmlh at
Tue Dec 3 11:57:03 EST 1996

Subject: NASC release T-DNA lines with mapped inserts
From: Mary Anderson

We are pleased to announce the release of the T-DNA lines with mapped 
inserts from Mieke Van Lijsebettens, Universiteit Gent, Belgium 
(Van Lijsebettens et al., 1996. Mol Gen Genet 251:365-372). 
Full details of the stocks are available from the NASC WWW server

To order the stocks from NASC, please use the on-line NASC order form 
(URL= or order through the 
NASC email account arabidopsis at, using the stock 
numbers quoted below.

Stock Number: N5208 , Name: TDNA1
Stock Number: N5209 , Name: TDNA2
Stock Number: N5210 , Name: TDNA3
Stock Number: N5211 , Name: TDNA4
Stock Number: N5212 , Name: TDNA5
Stock Number: N5213 , Name: TDNA6
Stock Number: N5214 , Name: TDNA7
Stock Number: N5215 , Name: TDNA8

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