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Mike Arnold mike at
Fri Dec 6 04:36:47 EST 1996

Mike Arnold wrote:
> N.Yoshida wrote:
> >
> Dear colleagues,
> Does anyone know source of PAP markers on RI lines map(C.Lister et al)?
> To whom could I contact for these markers?
> Any reply would be appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Nobumasa Yoshida
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> Bioscience Laboratory, Mitsui Petrochem.Ind.LTD
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Information relating to markers on the Lister and Dean RI map is
currently being curated by us at the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock
Centre. If you require information about particular markers then you
should contact NASC using the e-mail address

RI_data at

We will supply as much information as we can about the markers.

Mike Arnold (NASC).

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