Can you help me?

Fri Feb 16 11:40:51 EST 1996

On 15 Feb 1996, ralwani wrote:

> Hi
> My Name is Rafid Alwani and I live in Canada
> I have a home page called Arab Connection
> It is intended to give news on arabian soccer, music, and movies
> For people like me how live in far places
> Since I live in Canada I don't get the hot new news
> so I'm asking you arabs out there to help me to make your
> page Arab connection be tha greatest
> I need news on
> 1. Saudi Arabian Soccer
> 2. Any Arabic Soccer
> 3. Arabic songs and Albums
> 4. Any thing else you find interesting
> So please help me
> E-mail: ralwani at
> Or:       ralwani at
> home page:
> Thank you all

Sorry Rafid, you got it all wrong. While there are subscribers on this 
group who are of Saudi Arabian stock, the name arab-gen actually refers 
to Arabidopsis and Genetics... nothing to do with Arab, you see... I am 
sure you will find something on the www if you look. Best wishes!
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