Kathryn A. VandenBosch kate at BIO.TAMU.EDU
Tue Jan 2 15:36:18 EST 1996

Emerging Model Legume Systems: Tools and Recent Advances
July 12 - 14, 1995
Knoxville, TN, USA

This meeting will be held immediately prior to the 8th International 
Congress on Molecular-Plant Microbe Interactions.  A primary objective 
is to foster communication among researchers working on diploid annual 
legumes as model systems, in particular (but not exclusively) Medicago 
truncatula and Lotus japonicus.  The agenda will include invited 
presentations on tools for genetic and molecular analysis, plus selected 
advances which apply these approaches.  Discussion sections will cover 
these and related topics, plus future interactions within the model 
legume community.  Organizers:  Douglas Cook and Kathryn VandenBosch 
(Texas A&M University), Frans de Bruijn (Michigan State University), and 
Thierry Huguet (INRA-CNRS, Toulouse, France).  

To indicate interest and receive registration information, please 
contact D. Cook (drc1653 at acs.tamu.edu,  or Department of Plant Pathology 
and Microbiology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-2132) 
or  K. VandenBosch (kate at bio.tamu.edu, or Department of Biology, Texas 
A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-3258).

Proposed Program

Friday (7/12/95): 
Keynote lecture:  ³Assets and attributes of model legumes: lessons from 
bacterial and plant model systems.²  Sharon Long, Stanford University

Saturday (7/13/95):
Lectures I: Genetic mapping and analysis
Discussion I: Natural and induced genetic variation
Lectures II:  Map-based cloning, transformation and regeneration

Sunday (7/14/95):
Discussion II:  Culture and cultivation of model legumes
Discussion III:  Prospects for future communication and shared resources
Lectures III:  Research advances with model legumes

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