inhibitors of RNA & protein synthesis.

Jerry D. Cohen jdcohen at WAM.UMD.EDU
Thu Jan 4 08:49:06 EST 1996

Chris:  See Mike Venis' paper in Plant Physiology 49:24-27 (1972).  
Regards, Jerry

On 3 Jan 1996, Chris Town wrote:

> I would like to inhibit new gene expression in some experiments designed to 
> investigate the inducibility of a hormone conjugation system. 
> I would appreciate advice of the effectivenss of traditional eukaryotic 
> inhibitors such as actinomycin D, alpha-amanitin, cycloheximide.
> Test material will be seedlings in suspension.
> Do these compounds work? What concentrations? How effective?
> References?
> I'll summarize and post any relies that don't appear directly on the net.
> Thank y'all for your time.
> Happy New Year.
> Chris Town

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