Transformation of rapid cycling brassica

Mon Jan 8 00:39:22 EST 1996

I received the following responses to a question posted in december 
about the possibility of transforming rapid cycling brassica by 
infiltration.  Chris
We tried in versailles to transform rapid cycling rapeseed by
infiltration but we didn't succeed. We don't know why perhaps just
because infiltrated rapeseed produce less seeds then arabidopsis.
sincerly yours

Nicole BECHTOLD INRA route de St Cyr 78028 Versailles cedex tel 33 1 30
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 Several variations (of the protocol for vacuum infiltration
transformation have been tried), and none have been successful.  Rcbs
are recalcitrant to tissue culture, they are better for
physiological studies compared with arabidopsis, and should be
excellent models for crop brassicas, so I haven't completely given
up.  Let me know if you hit pay dirt on this one.  Cheers, Neal

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