Help! My Arabidopsis seeds did not germinate under dark

CK Wen cwen at
Sat Jan 13 10:09:24 EST 1996

Yiji Xia <yxia at> wrote:
>Dear Arabinetter:
>I have failed to germinate Arabidopsis seeds under 
>dark condition. The treatment is as follows.
>The seeds was harvested from a transgenic plant 
>(transformed by a report gene) which was originally 
>derived from a cross of Ler and Col. Two week after 
>harvesting, about 20 seeds were put on a wet filter 
>paper, sealed in a plate, covered with alumiun foil, 
>and put them at 4C for 2 day. Then I left them at room 
>temperature. After 10 days, although    most of 
>control seeds (treated same way except not covered 
>with alumiun foil) germinated, none of the seeds under 
>dark germinated. I repeated once later and got the 
>same result. I don't want to try again before I solve 
>the problem as I have limited number of the transgenic 
>Could anyone give any suggestion? Did I do something 
>wrong? Is light reguired for germination under some 
>situation (for example, for newly harvested seeds)? 
>Yiji Xia
>B420 Agronomy, ISU
>Ames, IA50011

Dear Yiji:
  I am not an Arabidopsis people to give you a possible answer for
your problem.  Do you know if phytochrome(s) is necessary for seed 
germination? Some plants, for example, lettuce, needs red-light 
treatment for dark germination, and in this case, phytochrome(s) is 
activated from inactive form, Pr, to active form, Pfr, and then 
germination may proceed.



ps. some people thinks both Pr and Pfr are active forms and have 
different functions.

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