Light requirement for seed germination-Summary

Yiji Xia yxia at
Sun Jan 14 22:52:39 EST 1996

Dear Arabinetter:
I'd like to thank all those who took time to respond 
to my qustion on how to germination Arabidopsis seed 
under dark. Some people also asked me to forward the 
responses to them as they had have the same problem. 
Here, I summarize some of the responses.
Arabidopsis seeds germination is regulated by 
photochrome and thus, in general, light is required, 
although the amount of light that is needed is tiny. 
Dr. Karen Parker recommended a short exposure (10 or 
15 min should be more than necessary, but could be 
longer) to normal room light in the cold after full 
imbibition but before the emergence of the radical for 
good germination (also see Su and Howell, 1995, Plant 
Physiol. 108:1423-1430). The light requirement can be 
bypassed with GA (see, for example Karlin-Neumann et 
al. 1988, Plant Physiol. 88:1323-31). Longer cold 
treatment (a week or longer) will also increase 
germination rate. In addition, Dr. Vizir suggested 
following treatment: 
----I would recommend to use the following protocol 
for fresh seeds:
O.1% KNO3 wet filter paper
room temperature - 1 day
cold (2..4 C) - 3-4 days
room temperature (dark is O'K) - 2 days
Expected result - 100% synchronous germination
Please, e-mail me about your results after you try 
Igor Vizir
Nottingham University-----  

Yiji Xia 
B420 Agronomy
Ames, IA50011

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