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Dear All:

I'd like to know how to germinate tobacco seed 
under light and dark. 

The othe day, the methods how to germinae 
Arabidopsis seeds under dark were discussed.
They are as follows,

>Dr. Karen Parker recommended a short exposure (10 or 
>15 min should be more than necessary, but could be 
>longer) to normal room light in the cold after full 
>imbibition but before the emergence of the radical for 
>good germination (also see Su and Howell, 1995, Plant 
>Physiol. 108:1423-1430). The light requirement can be 
>bypassed with GA (see, for example Karlin-Neumann et 
>al. 1988, Plant Physiol. 88:1323-31). Longer cold 
>treatment (a week or longer) will also increase 
>germination rate. In addition, Dr. Vizir suggested 
>following treatment: 
>----I would recommend to use the following protocol 
>for fresh seeds:
>O.1% KNO3 wet filter paper
>room temperature - 1 day
>cold (2..4 C) - 3-4 days
>room temperature (dark is O'K) - 2 days
>Expected result - 100% synchronous germination

Are these methods avairable for tobacco?
Are there another good methods?
Please tell me.

Thank's in advance.

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