selectable marker on chromosome 1

Fabien Nogue fabien at PICAN.PI.CSIRO.AU
Wed Jan 17 17:49:01 EST 1996

Hello all,

My name is Ian Watson (borrowing a collegue's account). I am a PhD student
with Abed Chaudhury at the CSIRO in Canberra, Australia.

I have recently mapped a hormone mutant to the top of chromosome 1 and, in
an attempt to fine map this mutation, I am looking for two selectable marker
lines in this region. The ideal markers would be a single insertion
hygromycin/kanamycin/BASTA resistance gene positioned between map position 5
- 15 and position 25 - 35.

Such a transgenic line would save me a lot of time in mapping this mutation
more accurately and would be used only for this purpose. 

Thanks very much in advance,

Ian Watson

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