GA mutants for teaching

Carol Auer CAUER at
Thu Jan 18 15:29:26 EST 1996


I am teaching plant physiology labs and would like to include the use 
of some GA mutants.  The ABRC catalog offers some lines and I would 
like advice on the best mutants for the following:

1. studying the role of GA in seed germination (GA deficient lines 
which require GA treatments for germination)

2. studying the role of GA in plant height and growth (short vs. tall 
mutants which respond to sprays of GA or paclobutrazol)

Also, I would like to know the concentration and duration of 
treatment with GA needed for those lines which have trouble 

Thanks for your help.  If you have conducted such a lab excercise, 
please share your experience.

Carol Auer
Dept. of Plant Science
Univ. of Connecticut
Storrs, CT
cauer at

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