Bart Janssen bjanssen at
Wed Jan 24 10:39:23 EST 1996

Hi Karen

We tried Trizol and several other methods to isolate RNA from fruit with
varying success depending in the main on the plant we were looking at. 
Trizol worked very well for tomato but really badly for avocado.  One
point though, when I compared trizol with another phenol/guanidium method
we use (Puisant & Houdebine: Bio/Techniques vol8#2 p 148-149) it worked
just as well as trizol on all the tissues we looked at.  The only real
difference seems to be that with trizol the phenol/guanidium/acetate is in
one mix and hence it's slightly quicker but more expensive.  The only
other point is that it pays to use the very best grade of guanidium and
phenol.  This method also work on Arabidopsis.  Your call.


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