NAASC Candidates

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Wed Jan 24 18:48:41 EST 1996

 To North American Arabidopsis Researchers:

  The people listed at the bottom of this message have agreed to be
  nominated to fill the two upcoming vacancies on the North American
  Arabidosis Steering Committee (NAASC).

  ONLY North American Arabidopsis researchers are eligible to vote.
  You may vote for one or two candidates.

  Please send your vote(s) to:  VOTE at
         (you may reply to this message)


  The votes will be counted electronically by the systems manager in our
  Department.  DO NOT include ANYTHING in the text of the message besides
  the names of one or two candidates.

  THE DEADLINE FOR VOTING IS 9:00 PM, Monday, January 29, PST

  We will announce the names of the two candidates receiving the most
  votes as soon as possible.

  Joanne Chory (co-chair, NAASC)
  Dave Meinke  (co-chair, NAASC)


 Rick Amasino
 Judith Bender
 Philip Benfey
 Andrew Bent
 Caren Chang
 Clint Chapple
 Jeff Dangl
 Xing-Wang Deng
 Chuck Gasser
 Roger Hangarter
 George Haughn
 Roger Innes
 Steve Kay
 Brian Keith
 Joe Kieber
 Hong Ma
 David Marks
 Rob Martienssen
 Tom Mitchell-Olds
 Scott Poethig
 Daphne Preuss
 Eric Richards
 Brenda Shirley
 Brian Staskawicz
 Sakis Theologis
 Patty Zambryski

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