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Thu Jan 25 02:46:07 EST 1996

altmann at (Thomas Altmann) wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>we would be very interested to hear about results that you or others that
>you may know of have obtained with respect to the efficiency and stability
>of cosuppression in comparison to antisense inhibition in plants (not only
>Arabidopsis). We would thus be very grateful if you could send us
>information on this topic. A summary will be posted to the net.
>With many thanks in advance.
>Thomas Altmann
>Karl-Liebknecht-Str.25, Haus 20
>14476 Golm
>phone: ++49-331-9772780
>fax:   ++49-331-9772301
>e-mail: altmann at
Dear Thomas:
   I would like to say it is hard to compare the efficiency 
between cosupression and anti-sense.  Some people thjnk that
the results obtained from anti-sense inhibition are actually
operated by cosupression.  There is an article describing the
proposed model of copression/anti-sense inhibition in " Current
Opinion in ???" in 1995.  That article is not with me right now 
and I could not tell you where it comes from.  If you want to 
know that article, please e-mail me and I can check it for you.


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