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David W. Meinke meinke at OSUUNX.UCC.OKSTATE.EDU
Thu Jan 25 12:42:57 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce the release of a new home page on
the World Wide Web that contains the following information
of interest to members of the Arabidopsis community:

*  Rules for naming genes identified by mutation.
*  Current list of mutant gene symbols.
*  List of mutant genes with linkage data available.
*  E-mail addresses of labs contributing linkage data.
*  Classical map of genes identified by mutation.
*  Recombinant inbred map of molecular markers.

The URL address for this page is:  

Note:  The "l" in "lse" and "html" is the letter "L".  

This page is based on information contributed by members of
the Arabidopsis community for inclusion in the Annual Report
of the Multinational Coordinated Arabidopsis Genome Project,
which is currently in press at the National Science
Foundation (USA).  Unlike the Appendices in that report,
however, this page will be frequently updated, and will
therefore represent the most current listing of information
on genes identified by mutation.  

Please take a moment to visit this home page and remember to
consult the current list of mutant gene symbols before
naming a new mutant identified in your lab.  Reservations
for new gene symbols and additional linkage data for mutant
genes should still be addressed to:  

David W. Meinke
Curator of Gene Symbols
Department of Botany 
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK  74078
E-mail:  meinke at
Phone: (1)-405-744-6549
FAX:  (1)-405-744-7673

Todd C. Nickle
Curator of WWW Home Page
Address:  Same as Above 
E-mail:  tcnickl at
Phone and FAX: Same as Above

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