Chi-Kuang Wen cwen at aux.btny.purdue.edu
Sun Jan 28 17:55:30 EST 1996

ICHATTERJE at bldgwall.lan1.umanitoba.ca ("Chatterjee, Ishita") 
>I am trying to isolate Arabidopsis DNA using DNAzol (Life Technologies). I 
>think there is too much of polysaccharide with the DNA isolated and so none 
>of the enzymes are cutting the DNA. I tried removing the polysaccharide with 
>ethanol (Biotechniques 1994, 17(2): 274-276) but it is not working.
>Any suggestions?????
>Ishita Chatterjee
>Dept. Of Microbiology,
>University of Manitoba,
>Manitoba R3T 2N2
>e.mail   chatter at ccu.umanitoba.ca

Dear Ishita:

  I always use CTAB to remove polysaccharides from my DNA 
preparations.  If any polysaccharides still remain after CTAB
purification, you can use PEG precipitation to get purer DNA.

  If you do not know how to use CTAB and PEG to purify DNA, you
are welcome to check my home page and find them at:

good luck!


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