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Candace Waddell Candace_Waddell at maclan.mcgill.ca
Mon Jan 29 14:21:21 EST 1996

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Dear network,

"  The bottom line in this case, I believe, is that
Arab. seeds can drown on agar plates."

Joel A. Kreps

We have come to the same conclusion based on results in an undergraduate lab
class.  Undergraduates often observe poor germination using seed that
germinates well in my hands.   In addition, ~50% of the seed that did
germinate produced an odd, club-like seedling.  After testing a number of
parameters, we have concluded that the poor germination correlates with
freshly made plates (ie., wet), and the formation of pools of water droplets
around each seed when pipetting out freshly sterilized seed.  Using older,
dryer plates and emphasizing the need to wait for all liquid to be absorbed
into the plates prior to sealing with parafilm has eliminated the problem.

Candace Waddell

Dept. of Biology
McGill University
Candace_Waddell at maclan.mcgill.ca

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