Choloroplast genes

Pierre CAROL carol at
Wed Jan 31 16:44:03 EST 1996

Dear all

I am interested in checking chloroplast RNA accumulation in some albino
mutants of Arabidopsis. I am therefore looking for some useful probes to
use in northern blot. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could give me
some infos or, even better, some clones I could use. Genes coding for
photosynthetic or non photosynthetic product would be equally appreciated.
By the way I am trying to get in touch with Eva Sunberg in Sweden that is
also studying albino mutants. If anyone in Eva's group is wired would you
please contact me?

Pierre CAROL
Bio. Mol. Veg.
Universite Joseph FOURIER - BP 53X
Grenoble 38000

Tel: (33) 76514936
FAX: (33) 76514336

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