NAASC election results

Joanne Chory joanne_chory at QM.SALK.EDU
Wed Jan 31 18:06:30 EST 1996

                      Subject:                              Time:  2:48 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         NAASC election results                Date:  1/31/96


The NAASC election results are now in.  The two new members who will serve
from 1996-1998 are Rick Amasino and Daphne Preuss.  

The current members of the NAASC are: 
Gloria Coruzzi (through 96)
Mark Estelle  (through 96)
Pam Green     (through 97)
Rob Last        (through 97)
Rick Amasino (through 98)
Daphne Preuss  (through 98)

Best wishes,

Joanne Chory and Dave Meinke (retired)

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