Klaus Apel apel at ipw.agrl.ethz.ch
Tue Jul 2 04:41:32 EST 1996

Postdoctoral Position for a Plant Molecular Biologist / Biochemist

A postdoctoral position is available for research on the light-dependent 
NADPH-protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase (POR), a key enzyme of 
chlorophyll synthesis in higher plants (see for example Proc. Natl. Acad. 
Sci. 92: 3254-3258; Plant J. 9: 513-523; Plant Cell 8: 763-769). The aim 
of the project is to optimize conditions for the overproduction of POR A 
and POR B in heterologous systems e.g. E. coli and/or yeast, and the 
reconstitution of the active enzymes. Once these conditions have been 
established, a detailed spectroscopic and biochemical analysis of the two 
proteins will be possible. This project represents part of a larger 
collaboration programme between the ETH and industrial partners. Although 
expertise in various laboratory methods is available both within and 
outside the ETH, the successful candidate should have a strong background 
and interest in molecular genetics and/or biochemistry. The position is 
initially available for three years (an extension is possible). The 
salary starts at approx. Sfr. 70'000,-- p.a.

Applicants should send a CV, description of research accomplishments and 
addresses of two referees to:

Prof. Klaus Apel
ETH Zürich
Institute of Plant Sciences
Plant Genetics
Universitätstr. 2
8092 Zürich,
Tel.: 0041-1-632 3821 or 632 4985
Fax:  0041-1-632 1239 or 632 1081.

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