USDA-NRI funding????

Fri Jul 12 16:35:34 EST 1996

Brian Hyps of ASPP writes:
The Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday approved FY 97
funding for USDA with less funding for NRI than the House bill and more
funding for ARS than the House bill.  All categories within NRI were reduced
proportionately to accommodate spending $2.5 million for the BARD program in
FY 97. The Senate bill subsequently provides $94.235 million for the NRI
with $36.044 million for plant systems and $17.194 million for Natural
Resources and the Environment.   In what at first looked surprising, the
Senate Report says that the $94.235 million amount is the same as the
adjusted fiscal year 1996 funding level for NRI.

Apparently, this statement reflects a decision within the Department to
take FY 96 funds from NRI for BARD even though the FY 96 spending bill
moved BARD out of NRI. However,
when BARD was purportedly moved to ARS by last year's bill, money was not
provided for BARD and the funds again were ordered by the Department to come
out of NRI in FY 96.

Senate staff told ASPP that the provision for use of
NRI funds in FY 97 for BARD was an administration request.

Anyone want to comment???

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