Ph.D. position available

Tue Jul 16 02:02:02 EST 1996

PhD Position Available

Center of Applied Genetics, Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur Wien, 
Vienna, Austria

A Ph.D. position is available in a plant developmental genetic group 
working on root development in Arabidopsis thaliana. The research 
program will integrate molecular genetic approaches as well as cell
 biological techniques for the characterisation of genes regulating root 
morphology (Hauser et al. 1995, Development 121. 1237-1252). 
The candidate should have a strong interest in the molecular basis
 of development in plants. The project represents part of a larger
 collaboration programme between several European groups. 
Therefore the Ph.D. position includes short term visits to the 
laboratories participating in the EC network. The position is
 available for three years starting around October/November 1996. 
Background in standard molecular (i.e. library screening, plasmid
 preparations, subcloning, DNA sequencing, RNA isolation) 
and/or cell biological techniques (i.e. microscopy, in situ 
hybridization) are desirable. 
Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, names and addresses
 (including telephone and e-mail) of two senior scientists for reference
 to Marie-Theres Hauser. Please indicate also a date for an interview
 in Vienna. 
In case of further questions, please feel free to contact me either 
per telephone, snail-mail or e-mail.

Dr. Marie-Theres Hauser
Center for Applied Genetics
Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur Wien

after 1st of September:
	Muthgasse 18
	A-1190 Wien
	Tel: +43-1-36006-6352 od. -6350
	FAX: +43-1-36006-6392

Dr. Marie-Theres Hauser

Center of Applied Genetics
Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur
Peter Jordan Str. 82
A-1190 Vienna

Tel.: +43-1-47654-2252/2254
FAX: +43-1-47654-2292
e-mail: hauser at

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