The 16th IPGSA meeting

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Fri Jul 19 01:56:15 EST 1996

Yuji Kamiya wrote:
> This is the first circular of the 16th International Plant Growth
> Substances Meeting in Makuhari
> Chiba, Japan in 1998.
> The first circular is also available on our home page.
> The organizing committee of the 16th International Conference on Plant
> Growth Substances invites the participation of all persons interested in
> any aspect of plant growth regulation.
> The 16th International Conference on Plant Growth Substances will be held
> at the Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center, International Conference
> Hall) Chiba, Japan from August 13-17, 1998.
> The nearest international airport to Makuhari Messe is the New Tokyo
> International Airport (Narita). The messe is approx. 30 min. drive from the
> airport by Limousine Bus. It is also 30 min. by train from Tokyo Station.
> Nobutaka Takahashi  (Chairman)
> Hidemasa Imaseki
> Akira Isogai
> Hajime Iwamura
> Yuji Kamiya
> Masayuki Katsumi
> Makoto Konnai
> Yoshio Masuda
> Ken Monma
> Noboru Murofushi
> Akira Sakurai
> Hiroh Shibaoka
> Kazuo Shinozaki
> Yasutomo Takeuchi
> Isomaro Yamaguchi
> Hisakazu Yamane
> Takao Yokota
> Koichi Yoneyama
> Shigeo Yoshida
> Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physiology of
> Plant Growth Substances
> Each plenary session, one per day, will consist of one 40-min presentation
> and three 30-min talks.
> 1.      Hormone Perception and Signal Transduction.
> 2.      Hormones and Cell Morphogenesis.
> 3.      Hormone Biosynthesis and its Regulation
> 4.      Role of Hormones in Defense Responses
> Regular sessions will consist of 4 to 5 invited talks (30-min. talks). The
> 12 sessions will be distributed with four concurrent sessions each day.
> Some talks will be selected on the basis of poster abstracts by each
> session organizer.
> 1.      Hormonal Regulation of Gene Expression.
> 2.      Role of Hormones in Membrane Function.
> 3.      Hormones and Cell Division
> 4.      Hormones and Cell Wall Dynamics
> 5.      Hormones and Cell to Cell Communication
> 6.      Hormonal Regulation of Vegetative Growth and Development
> 7.      Hormonal Regulation of Reproductive Growth and Development
> 8.      Metabolite Transport - Source and Sink Relationships
> 9.      Hormones and Environmental Responses
> 10.     Hormone Biosynthesis and Metabolism
> 11.     Other Natural and Synthetic Compounds Regulating Plant Processes
> 12.     Genetic Engineering of Growth and Development
> The poster sessions will be the main forum for individual contributions.
> Instructions for the submission of poster abstracts will be included in the
> second circular.
> Workshops: Participants may suggest "hot" topics to the program committee
> for inclusion if time and space permit.
> The official language of the conference is English. No simultaneous
> translation will be provided. All conference publications will be prepared
> in English.
> It is nearly tropical during the summer in central Japan, with the highest
> mid-day temperature ranging from 28 to 35C. The congress center and hotels
> are fully air-conditioned. There is a possibility of occasional rain
> showers.
> Half-day or one-day excursions are available from tourist bureaus on site
> at the conference center. Detailed information will be provided in the
> second circular
> The organizing committee would appreciate it very much if you would
> complete and return the attached preliminary reply form by fax or E-mail
> with name, title, full mailing address, phone and fax numbers. To reduce
> time and cost communication by E-mail is preferred.
> The second circular will be sent before November 1997 and will include an
> abstract form, detailed hotel, registration and tour information. (The
> deadline for receipt of abstracts will be March 31, 1998)
> IPGSA secretary office:
> c/o Dr. Yuji Kamiya
> Plant Hormone Function
> Frontier Research Program, RIKEN
> Hirosawa 2-1, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-01 Japan
> Fax: +81-48-462-4716
> E-mail: ykamiya at
> IPGSA information is available on
> ===================================================================
> Dr. Yuji Kamiya
> Plant Hormone Function
> Frontier Research Program,
> The Institute of Physical & Chemical Research (RIKEN)
> Hirosawa 2-1, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-01  Japan
> Tel +81-48-462-9375
> Fax +81-48-462-4691
> E-mail: ykamiya at
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