e-mail addresses and AtDB

David Flanders flanders at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Jul 31 17:39:40 EST 1996

This message contains information regarding searching and updating, and
then verifying, the e-mail addresses held by the Arabidopsis thaliana
Database (AtDB) project at Stanford University. 

Many recent postings to this group have been from those seeking e-mail
addresses of fellow Arabidopsis researchers. In this regard, AtDB now has
updated colleague information available through our new prototype
database, which can be accessed using Netscape (version 2.0 or greater)
over the Web using the "Test-drive our new prototype" link at the top of
AtDB's home page, which is at URL: 


Once at the prototype's Table of Contents page, simply click on the
"Colleague" link. Researchers' details can then be searched by name,
place, or interest and the search results provide "clickable" e-mail
addresses to allow messages to be sent directly from Netscape. 

In order to make AtDB's list as complete and up-to-date as possible, we
encourage you to check your details as described above and, if they are
absent or out-of-date, please submit a new entry or update using the AtDB
Colleague Web-Form. This is available from the AtDB home page (use the
"Add/Update Colleague" link in the "Submitting Data to AtDB" section) and
also form the Colleague section of the prototype database. 

Once we have updated our records, we then propose to verify the e-mail
addresses by sending out, once every few months, an
automatically-generated individual-message to each e-mail address held
within our database. The message will contain your name and e-mail address
and ask you to reply only should you wish to change something. Otherwise,
simply ignore it. This is already being done by the yeast community and
has proved a successful in helping to keep their list as accurate as

Comments on this proposal, and any other aspects of AtDB, are always
welcome. Please send them to: 

	atdb-curator at genome.stanford.edu

David Flanders
AtDB Curator

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