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Markus Sprenger sprenger at
Mon Jun 3 08:25:29 EST 1996

Dear "mappers",

we have used the CIC libary to identify Yac clones hybridizing with our cDNA probes.
Positiv Yacs were checked by southern analysis. Yacs which give the same pattern of
hybridizing bands in comparison to a genomic Arabidopsis southern have been selected.

for probe 1 we have found CIC 1F8; 1G8 and 4H4 to give strong signals and
CIC 1G7 to give weaker signals but also fragments of the right size.

for probe 2 we found only CIC 4E6 to give a strong signal.

My question is:
Do you have any further information where our so far identified YACs are localized?
When I interpreted the note in the internet correctly, it is not sure that CIC1F8 is localized
on chromosome 1 near to mi126??

I hope to get a positive answer. Thanks a lot

Markus Sprenger
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