AtDB and sequence updates

David Flanders flanders at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Jun 4 15:21:43 EST 1996

AtDB's weekly posting of Arabidopis sequence updates has apparently 
caused some of you to be confused over AtDB's role in this.

To summarize matters: we do not have any role in curation of Arabidopsis
sequences in GenBank nor in the naming of genes. 

We simply find new or updated Arabidopsis sequences in GenBank's daily
updates, collate them, remove ESTs and then put the result out once a
week on the Arabidopsis bulletin board. More detail was provided in
the announcement of this service back in February.

Furthermore, the data in GenBank/EMBL/DBDJ simply reflect the information
submitted to them.  GenBank does not attempt to curate the nomenclature or
annotations.  This means that many of the sequence annotations in GenBank
have never been subjected to peer review.  This inevitably results in
inconsistences and duplications within the sequence databases.  If you
wish to request a change in the nomenclature used in a particular
GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ entry you should take the matter up with the author of
the sequence. 

As stated above, AtDB also has no role in the resolution of gene
nomenclature issues.  This difficult task is generously performed by David
Meinke.  More information on how to verify the name you wish to use is
available from his Web site at URL:

Searches of all messages sent to the BioSci Arabidopsis bulletin board can
be carried out using AtDB, at URL:

I hope this clarifies the situation.

David Flanders

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