CAPS markers wanted: Col vs. Ws

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> Does anyone know of any CAPS markers that will differentiate between Col 
> and Ws?
> I've got what I think are the most current lists from 
>, but there are no useful markers for chromosome 2, 
> and the others are pretty sparse as well.

The GPA1 CAPS works for a Ws X Col population if you digest with BstNI. 
I have tried phyB (it is misplaced to the chrom 3 section on the list) 
with some difficulty (Ws=Ler with XhoI). I suggest trying the primers 
described by Boerjan et al, Plant Cell 7:1405-1419. These primers should
amplify up the same polymorphic XhoI site. Finally, on the bottom, the 
SSLP, nga168, works great (Ws=Ler). 

As for the CAPS markers on other chromosomes, Tim Caspar reported the 
"alleles" for Ws and No0 for each of the initial CAPS markers. You 
can find his message in this Newsgroup's archive which you can access 
from AAtDb. The date of the message was 5 Oct 93.
Good Luck

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