Rate of Recombination

Bradley K. Sherman bks at s27w007.pswfs.gov
Thu Jun 13 14:28:23 EST 1996

I wrote:
>If we could count all the crossovers in 1000
>wild-type A.t. gametes the total would be?
>   a) 0-10
>   b) 10-100
>   c) 100-1,000
>   d) 1,000-10,000
>   e) 10,000-100,000
>   f) more than 100,000

The question is badly formed for two reasons:
   1) the boundary between (d) & (e) is too close
      to a reasonable answer.

   2) I should have specified that each gamete came from
      a unique individual to avoid a semantic trap of double
      counting crossovers in tetrads.

But here are the answers I received in the order I received them:
   (d)2500 based on 500cM/genome and 1 crossover/chromosome
           per meiosis and subject to (2).
   (d)2500-7500 per 1000 pollen grains based on 5-15
          crossovers per PMC.
   (e) based on 3 crossovers per chromosome/meiosis.
   (d) based on the geographic distance in kilometers
           from Berkeley to Harvard!
   (d) [no explanation].
   (d)1250 subject to (2).
   (e)12,000 based on 600cM map and 1 crossover/50cM
           per generation

    Thanks for all the help,

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