Enhancer insertion in Arabidopsis

Mauricio bustos at UMBC.EDU
Thu Jun 13 17:54:07 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

	I would appreciate receiving any information you may provide
concerning transformation vectors and screening procedures currently being
used to induce gain-of-function mutations by inserting a strong enhancer
(e.g. CaMV35S) near regulatory/structural genes of Arabidopsis. I have
heard of such a strategy being referred to as an enhancer-insertion
[trap?] or activation-tagging (any other applicable two-word combinations
out there?). 

	If I have missed a similar request posted recently to this
newsgroup, I would be grateful for a summary of the responses it
generated. If you are currently using such a system and would like to
share your experience(s) with it, or would like to comment on the pros and
cons of procedures you are familiar with, these will be greatly
appreciated also. 

	As is customary, I will post a compilation of all the (un-edited)
responses I get, for the benefit of the entire membership of this forum
and to assign credit to all those who so graciously decide to share their

	I thank you in advance for your help.

	Truly yours,

			Mauricio M. Bustos
			Department of Biological Sciences
			University of Maryland Baltimore County
			1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore MD 21228-3598
			e-mail: bustos at umbc.edu

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