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Mon Jun 17 07:02:10 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

I asked the following question a few days ago:
Does anybody know if the endogenous gibberellin remaining content in the
ga1-3 mutant of arabidopsis has been analysed? I didn't find any reference
for this.

Jan Zeevaart anwsered:
I can refer you to the article by Manuel Talon and myself in: Karssen et
al. "Progress in Plant Growth Regulation", pp. 34-42, Kluwer Publishing
Co.. We analyzed GAs by GC-SIM in several ga1 alleles. Since these analyses
were only performed once, they were never published in detail. In the case
of the ga1-3 mutant, the quantities measured were very small, in the order
of 1% of wild type. At that level, it is difficult to get reliable
measurements. Since ga1-3 seeds have to be pretreated with GA to germinate,
one can always argue a carry- over effect. That may be true for GA4
(although most, if not all, would presumably be metabolized after two
months' growth of the rosettes), but not for GAs earlier in the pathway,
such as GA53, GA19, and GA20.


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