Sieve Recommendation?

Russell L. Malmberg russell at
Mon Jun 17 12:21:23 EST 1996

Thanks to everyone who replied so quickly.

The majority recommendation was to create a 2, 3, or 4 ply of 
cheesecloth as a filter.  This could be thrown away after
each collection to avoid contamination.

Some other suggestions:
I bought mine from VWR several years ago - it's a "Cellector Tissue Sieve"
62399-918, and the "Fine Mesh Kit" 62399-951.  This provides you with too
many options, but one/two of the meshes are perfect for Arabidopsis seeds.
I use No 35 sieve , opening 500 micrometer (.0197in), Tyler equivalent 
32 mesh from Fisher.
I've always used "tea balls", the very nice kind made of fine 
screen rather than perforated metal balls, with great success for Arab
seeds.  You should find them at any nice coffee shop that also sells tea
and they come in several sizes.
We use a little plastic-mesh tea strainer, available at shops throughout
England for about 50p


 Russell L. Malmberg
 russell at

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